Spaced Themed Old Skool Vans

Awaken Creativity

Welcome to the official website of Mart’s Kicks and Life Through Laces. Mart’s Kicks is a custom shoe business that was established in 2019 that creates one of a kind custom sneakers from customers based on their request. Custom shoes are painted by both hand held brushes and airbrushing. Mart’s Kicks strives for perfection when doing any custom order with customer satisfaction being the most important aspect of the business. With every custom sneaker completed Mart’s Kicks gets closer to its goal of becoming a well known brand in the custom sneaker community.

Warm/Cool Sunset Themed Nike Skate Board Lows

Life Through Laces

Life Through Laces (LTL) is a custom shoe non-profit organization established in 2020 that donates custom shoes to less fortunate children and adults. Life Through Laces is a growing organization with many goals and ambitions. Continue surfing through the official website of Mart’s Kicks to learn more about both Mart’s Kicks and Life Through Laces!

Dive Into Life Through Laces

View the Life Through Laces Journal to take a closer look into how I have been building the non-profit organization over this past year!

Custom High Top Filas Donated To The Gotwals Elementary School

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